Career Planning Tools and Evolving Student Priorities
Recently, we surveyed former college students about career-planning tools and their journey through school and preparation for a successful future. We used the survey to: Determine what former students valued in their future career when in college versus what they value now. Gauge what career-planning tools and extracurricular activities students took advantage of, and if…
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Rules and Regulations
If You’re Not Using Data to Prevent Defaults, the PROSPER Act Could Pose a Problem
In December, the Promoting Real Opportunity, Success, and Prosperity through Education Reform (PROSPER) Act was introduced in the House (H.R. 4508). Section 481b, “Programmatic Loan Repayment Rates,” will be of particular interest for those concerned about student loan repayment. As now drafted, the PROSPER Act would replace the current institution-level default rate with a program-level…
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The release of your draft CDR creates a great opportunity to review your default prevention plan
Best Practices
Draft CDR: Seven Things You Should Do After Receiving Yours
Draft cohort default rates (CDR) were released yesterday. Here are seven things you can do after receiving your draft CDR to ensure you are staying on top of student loan repayment success: Consider challenging incorrect information. Your draft CDR will be the basis for calculating your official cohort default rate, released in September. That means…
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Success Stories
How Wallace State Community College Is Using Borrower Connect to Boost Its Default Prevention Program
Becky Graves is the financial aid director for Wallace State Community College – Hanceville (WSCC), a Borrower Connect customer. WSCC has an enrollment of more than 7,000 students, making it one of the largest colleges in the Alabama Community College System. Students at WSCC have a choice of more than 50 majors as they pursue…
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