Success Stories
Wesleyan College Attacks Default With Personal Touch
Several years ago our school was approaching the danger zone with our cohort default rate. Now Wesleyan College has a CDR that’s in the single digits — 47 percent lower than it was just a few cohorts ago. And we owe that success to default prevention programs that focus on a personal touch. From extensive in-person…
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Rules and Regulations
ISIR Can Help in Outreach to Students Who Over-Borrow
For 2015-2016, there’s a new comment code on the ISIR, or Institutional Student Information Record, that can help you in your default prevention efforts. But what, you ask, does a comment code on the ISIR have to do with helping borrowers prevent default? The answer is that this new code can simplify the way you…
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Best Practices
Default Prevention Checklist: January
What default prevention activities does your college or university have planned to start the new calendar year? Here are some items to include in your default prevention checklist for January: Focus on the FAFSA. Remind your students to make sure they have their Federal Student Aid PINs and to complete the Free Application for Federal Student…
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